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A surprised proposal

I had the privileged on capturing a surprise proposal. He contacted me via Facebook and told me they would be coming to Melbourne for a trip and he would be proposing to her and would love me to capture the special moment. We keep in contact but he can only reply every now and then as he don't want her to find out of course.

On the day we would pretend as like we were friends and I just want to get some photos for my portfolio. Him and I already spoken about what the cue is. so I place her looking out and him kneeling down and as she turn around I managed to capture her reaction.

I don't disturb their moment as this is once in a lifetime moment for them. Once they calm down and she realising I was not really his friend from back in the day, we continue to get more photos and ended up talking like we were friends.

thanks for letting me capture this moment for you Anton and Kiki


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