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Quennie & Frank renewal vows at Merrimu Reception

Quinine and Frank did the legal ceremony in the lockdown. On 25th March 2023 they did renewal of their vows in front of their family and friends at the stunning Merrimu Reception. The day started early for us capturing Quennie getting ready make up and stunning red Chinese traditional gown. We capture all the details as well as candid of everyone that was there and getting some family photos before the groom arrived for door games and tea ceremony from bride side.

Once groom has arrived, the bridesmaids set some challenges for the groom before he could see his bride. The challenges tends to be the grooms knowledge about his bride. In Frank case he has to remember what the bride fav meal, recreate funny dances and other things that made everyone laughed and sure was me and my videographer enjoyed watching. After he passed all the challenges then he proceed to enter her room and get to se his bride and continue with traditional tea ceremony with bride family who travelled from Malaysia for their wonderful event.

The day then continue to the grooms parents house to commence the tea ceremony with the grooms family. The tea ceremony is Chinese tradition where the elders will sit down as the couple presents them with a cup of tea and the elder will give their advice and congratulate the couple on their next step together. After the tea ceremony has finished we proceed with family photos and wonderful lunch before heading out to the grooms apartment for his getting ready with groomsmen.

Quennie and Frank decide to do their bridal party photos and couple photos at a park nearby Merrimu Reception for the convenience. The couple did first look then we did couple and bridal party photos and had a lot of laughter at the park.

The venue was stunning. the ceremony area was perfect with greenery and a gazebo at the front for the couple. right before the ceremony starts we manage to get a photos of the couple in the empty room. The ceremony was lead by the wonderful celebrant and MC Katrina Lai. Katrina was helpful with us giving us the information we needed and making sure giving us enough time to set up for the special formalities e.g first dance.

The rest of the evening was filled with lots of laughter, hugs and kisses and most definitely lots of dancing. the day was long (16hrs long) but me and my team sure had a lot of fun.

Thank you Frank and Quennie for trusting me and Jay to capture your special day.


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